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Bed-Down Excel is fantastic!

Vicki-May and Fitz were in a class of 45 (most of the
other classes were about half this size), they were
second from last to go in that class. They did
(in my biased eyes) a really nice test. The ground is
a little undulating but is a level playing field for all (pardon the pun). We weren't sure how Fitz was going to cope with it but did okay. While we were waiting we watched a few tests and they seemed to go nicely.

Lots of the results were up by the time we had got back after untacking and the marks (penalties) seemed a little high, some people were upset. We waited and waited and still the last results weren't posted. At that point the leading score was 29.5, this was the leader by quite a few penalties so we were very jittery! Then we realised that the test sheets were out and someone had overlooked posting the scores! When we found ours we were ecstatic - also 29.5! that was FANTASTIC, joint dressage leader in a class of 45! The pressure was on now.

Vicki-May and Fitz

Cross country day dawned but our times were mid afternoon, so plenty of time. Vicki-May always has a plan of action and so preparations started, from hand grazing to setting stop-watch times, from studding up to warming up - all went according to plan. They had a great time on the roads and tracks - and the steeple chase. The ten minute box went without a hitch (all hands on deck) and off to the cross country. The commentary was going along well with them making great time. The competitor in front was having all sorts of problems with the fences and actually got lost on the course! Regrettably this messed up all the timings and caused problems for Vicki-May and the rider following her! Shame, it resulted in 0.8 penalties and this is what they carried forward - putting them now in second place.


As is well documented, Fitz's showjumping is definitely NOT his best phase. So with great trepidation, and having to wait till almost the end of the class, they entered the ring. It is not the height of jumps that is the problem - he just doesn't pick his feet up! So even though the fences were not big, he could easily have a cricket score. He didn't. He went round clear (with a lot of carrying from V-M).

The combination whom Vick-May and Fitz were joint lead with after dressage went on to win the class, but there would not have been an outright winner otherwise, so perhaps it was better this way!

Thank you so much for organising Fitz's bedding it really does encourage him to lie down and rest.

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