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Bed-Down user triumphs at Olympia!

Victoria Littlewood and Mosstown Marz

What can I say what an amazing time we have had winning at Olympia, which all started at The Norfolk show Marz won his In Hand Class in very good company which then take you through to the Supreme Marz came Reserve Supreme Champion with Olympia Champion taking top spot, little did we think 2 weeks before Christmas Clare Frost from Veteran Horse Showing called Gordon to say the Supreme From Norfolk is unable to go to the final would we like to go – Gordon called me at work to tell me the news well I burst in to tears and nearly fell off the chair in shock and dear Marz had made the final to go to Olympia in his first season competing as a Veteran.

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I had let him down a bit to be honest with the dark nights and working full time – he looked very hairy and a bit fat so we set to work working him in the evenings Gordon took my Mini down the field so he could shine the headlights on me working Marz- preparations went well ready for the departure to London Olympia everything packed including his Excel Bedding as you know we have used it for several years and is the best as far we are concerned on the market. London Olympia Stables are on concrete so this is ideal as it doesn’t move around very much giving a comfy bed without uneven spread.

The day arrived for our class we were allocate a warm up time in The Grand Hall this really was a fantastic experience to walk in to the arena, I stood for a while in the middle just soaking up the atmosphere Marz soon settled and had a good look around at the Christmas Decorations and all the preparation going on around from staff getting ready for the days agenda, after working in back to the stable to get him ready for his class feeling a bit nervous I have to say!!

Time flew by and it was time for Veteran Championship all the ridden went in first – then all the In-hand, he went really well soaking up the atmosphere giving his best , waiting in line for the results felt like an age they are done in reverse order so starting at 11th , by the time the commentator got to 6th I felt pretty sick top 3 my legs felt like jelly and when number 24 was announced as supreme champion I could hardly believe we had actually just won .

We came forward to receive our prizes from Dodson & Horrell and the most beautiful sash along with rosettes, to stand forward in the great arena with Marz is something I will never forget it really was one of the best experiences of my life.

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