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Have you ever matched your bedding to your horse?

Bed-Down has over 65 years experience when it comes to crafting animal bedding and 65 years of feedback from our loyal customers. This has told us that not every horse is the same and that’s why we have 6 great products specifically and uniquely designed to match your horse with the most suitable bedding. It can be very daunting when there are so many different types of bedding out there, but don’t worry, we can help you choose so your horse will be happier and healthier sleeping on Bed-Down.

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Bed-Down Rapasorb Horse Bedding


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whatever your horse may need, Bed-down have you covered!

Master of all environments

Shop the collection, lots to love and less to spend. We have a fantastic range of bedding from horse shavings that smell of Lavender to our best-selling, original straw shavings mix, Excel.



100% British, crafted over 65 years premium quality bedding. We only use the best quality raw materials for our products so you can be safe in the knowledge that ultimate care is taken to provide the healthiest environment for your horse bale after bale.

Traditional Horse Bedding

Don’t just take our word for it!

Hear what our customers have to say

Abbie Rogers

My horse and I love Bed-Down bedding because it is so dust free and it smells amazing! My horse loves lying down on it as it’s super comfortable. 

Abbie Rogers, South Dorset.

Brooke Anderson

I use the lavender Bed-Down shavings for my horse’s bed and it’s amazing, from the lush scent to the soft, great quality shavings!

Brooke Anderson, Suffolk 

Lottie O’Brien

Me and my friend @km.eventing09 use Bed-Down Lavender Shavings and it has changed our horses completely!! 

Lottie O’Brien, Cambridgeshire

 Lydia Murphy

I use Bed-Down Excel for both my horses and would highly recommend it. It provides great soft coverage for them to lie in and has a very pleasant lemon scent. 

Lydia Murphy, East Hertfordshire

Introducing The Bed-Down Bale

We’ve thought a lot about our bale design and we have to say we’re pretty proud of it!

Easy Breathe dust extraction

The dust extraction process in all Bed-Down products is highly beneficial to your horses respiratory health.

Double sealed for freshness

Our new bale design is double sealed which ensures all Bed-Down bedding products stay fresher for longer.

New ergonomic design

We have totally redesigned the shape of all Bed-Down bales making them easier to handle, store and transport.

Now available in two sizes

We felt the need for a more manageable bale size for events and storage, so our range is now available in the Classic ‘Slim’ bale size and the new Handy Bale size.

Bed-Down Excel Bedding

Find the perfect bed for your horse

whatever your horse may need, Bed-down have you covered!

Bed-Down Excel Equine Bedding

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