Trot. Canter. Gallop. Jump. Walk.

Dressage. Eventing. Show jumping. Leisurely ride.

Horses need good rest. Somewhere clean, fresh and comfortable to bed down. That looks after their wellbeing. So they can perform at their best. And you can enjoy riding them. Everyday.

Bed-Down - Just Better British Bedding

Bed-Down - Just Better British Bedding

Bed-Down - 60 Years of British Innovation

We are celebrating 60 years of making premium quality animal bedding this year! That’s roughly 21,915 sleeps! So you could say we know a thing or two about equine bedding and now poultry bedding too.

Carriage driving, dressage, eventing, show jumping, racing, or simply riding for the pure pleasure of the bond between horse and owner. Like any of us, horses only perform consistently at the highest level in any discipline with good rest – which means clean, comfortable, and durable equine bedding with high absorption and other healthy properties.

IMPORTANT: The last day for orders for pre Christmas delivery is Friday 18th December. Delivery services will resume as normal on Monday the 4th January 2021.

Bed-Down Bedding

Robin Foster-Clarke

1940 - 2020

It is with sadness that I announce the sudden passing of my father Robin Foster-Clarke on 11th November 2020, aged 79.

The business which evolved into Bed-Down LLP was started by my father in 1957 and he was an active partner in the business until the day he passed. He was a hard worker and was always full of ideas to improve existing products, and inventions to create new ones.

He said what he thought with pure honesty and he was happy to share his opinion. I have worked in the business for the last 30 years alongside my father and the Bed-Down team and I will miss him greatly.

Friends of Father have described him as a larger than life character who had the heart of a Lion and wore it on his sleeve, and he was one of Suffolk’s finest.

We will remember him fondly as a unique character who loved life, enjoyed laughter, and brought a smile to your face.

James Foster-Clarke

Robin Foster-Clarke
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British Bedding at it's Best

Our bedding plays a vital part in minimising the risks of animals developing respiratory problems as well as enhancing performance, health and everyday welfare.

All our products include our unique, multiple dust extraction process, Easy Breathe™ and are produced at the family farm’s production facilities in Norfolk, which means we can deliver quality products and outstanding customer service.

For our specialist bedding we also combine it with Microcote™, a patented additive designed to reduce everyday dust particles. And there’s no doubt that cosy bedding makes for happy healthy hens laying lovely golden eggs too!

Bed-Down - we look after you too!
Our bales aren’t just double sealed for freshness and strength, they now come in different shapes and sizes – 20kg slim ‘Classic’ and 10kg “Handy” bale - for easier handling and loading.

Horse Bedding

Meet the Bed-Down Horse Bedding Range

A range of equine bedding products crafted using the very finest ingredients for you and your horse.

Bed-Down Excel


Bed-Down Excel bedding is a soft blend of chopped golden Norfolk wheat straw and softwood shavings that guarantees an absorbent, comfortable and durable bed.

Bed-Down Excel Plus

Excel Plus

Excel plus is specifically for performance horses or those that suffer from respiratory conditions - Microcote™ helps reduce airborne dust particles in the stable.

Bed-Down Rapasorb


Bed-Down Rapasorb is the most absorbent bedding in our range. Rapasorb is made from quality rape straw is perfect for wet-stables and horses which are on a restricted diet.

Bed-Down Lavender Shavings

Lavender Shavings

Bed-Down Lavender Shavings is the original lavender scented equine bedding loved by horses and their owners alike. Lavender Shavings is made from top quality softwood shavings.

Bed-Down Pure Shavings

Pure Shavings

Pure Shavings offers a highly absorbent dust free cushioning base crafted from timber into the finest quality softwood flakes to create a supportive bed for joint and hoof health.

For happier, healthier hens

Don’t feather your nest, Cozy Chicken it!

Are you lucky enough to have a chicken coop at the bottom of your garden – or thinking about getting one? Cozy Chicken bedding makes a soft, fluffy, natural nest giving family and smallholding hens the perfect place to lay eggs – or to nap before they do!

Cozy Chicken
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Customer Testimonials

“Riding at the highest level in eventing is tough – you need a fantastic horse, team, equipment and supplies! That’s why I turned to Bed-Down for my horses’ bedding. It’s the best on the market. All products are virtually dust free, super absorbent and a little goes a long way. I wouldn’t want my top horses on anything else”


International 4* Event Rider

“I have been using Bed-Down for 20 years, it’s a bedding that does what it says on the packaging. I use Bed-Down Excel and it has been very versatile as I have deep littered it as well as an everyday muck out. Bed-Down’s products are all very absorbent as well as being dust free and easy to use, and the stable always smells beautiful!”


Dressage Rider

“We love the Bed-Down Lavender. We recently started using this on our competition horses and they love it. Its so absorbing and easy to muck out, plus the smell relaxes not just the horses but us too.” 


Grand Prix Dressage Rider

“The Bed-down Lavender has really helped my mare with her breathing. I would recommend this product for anyone that has a horse with breathing problems as there is simply no dust. I made the switch last winter and every single bale has been dust free and leaves my stable smelling fresh. I wouldn’t use anything else now.” 



“Many of the horses at the yard have benefited to the change to Bed-Down bedding as it is more absorbent. The beds are cleaner, the hoof condition has improved as the beds are not so wet. It smells better and doesn't make your eyes water when mucking out. For our event horses or those with respiratory problems we use the excel plus as it has the Microcote added. Performance Horses need performance bedding and that’s why we use Bed-Down”


International 4* Event Rider

“I have 2 horses and was getting through about 2 bags of wood pellets a week each. I now use your Bed-Down Rapasorb. I now use 1 bale a week for my gelding and 1 bale a fortnight for my mare, a great saving!! I’ve had my own horses for about 50 years, so I have tried all sorts of bedding for them. Straw, woodchip, paper, cardboard, wood pellets. Mucking out is easier, as I can now skip out for a few days, then just lift out the wet for a few days, until I muck out as needed. Rapasorb does what it says on the pack. It rapidly adsorbs the wet, is not dusty, and very easy to use and store.”



“I chose Bed-Down to support my horse’s performance and keep them happy and healthy. My horses and I are a team and performing at our best is at the top of my agenda. I also love that Bed-Down is economical and cost effective allowing me to use less and better manage my finances” 



“Excel is fantastic product I will not use anything else. My stables smell so nice and it makes the bed look fluffier and inviting for the horses. The bales are very cost effective - worth every penny. I feel Excel goes so much further than any other product; it absorbs the urine really well and keeps the lovely smell. In my eyes it’s the only bedding I would have and trust to be dust free. The lovely thing about excel is the horses don’t try and eat the straw, so a total winner.”


Dressage Coach and Rider

“I have been using Bed-Down for 7 years and can highly recommend their range of bedding, but my favourite is the Excel Plus. Its super absorbent and makes a big fluffy bed. The bedding goes so much further than a standard bale of shavings. My horse Almansor loves to lay down a lot so it’s the perfect bedding for him to get a good nights rest. Expertly dust extracted and treated Microcote, Excel Plus has helped keep his coughing at bay unlike other brands of bedding. The eucalyptus essential oils keeps my horse’s stable smelling fresh and free from ammonia. I’ve noticed a huge difference in Almansor’s general performance since using Bed-Down. Its quite simply the best bedding for my competition horse.”


International Dressage Rider

Introducing the new Bed-Down Bale

We've thought a lot about our new bale design and we have to say we're pretty proud of it!
Easy Breathe Dust Extraction

The dust extraction process in all Bed-Down products is highly beneficial to your horses respiratory health.

Double Sealed for freshness

Our new bale design is double sealed which ensures all Bed-Down bedding products stay fresher for longer.

Bed-Down Excel Plus
New Ergonomic Design

We have totally redesigned the shape of all Bed-Down bales making them easier to handle, store and transport.

Now available in two sizes

We felt the need for a more manageable bale size for events and storage, so our range is now available in the Classic 'Slim' bale size and the new Handy Bale size.

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Why choose Bed-Down bedding?

We're the 'stable' choice for all your horse and animal bedding needs!

We love our animals

At Bed-Down we love our horses and poultry as much as you do which is why that same love and care goes into every product we make.

Save time & money

Bed-Down's range of bedding products is renowned for it's ultra absorbent properties, meaning less time mucking out your stable and big savings in your pocket.

Customer Care

The Bed-Down Team are always on hand to help you find the appropriate bedding for your equine friend. We understand your horse is as unique as you!

Bed-Down Is Supported By

The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development | Europe Investing in Rural Areas

The main aim of the project was to increase production and storage capacity and generate additional local employment.

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New Anglia

This business expansion aided diversification and has been supported by New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership, through the Business Resilience and Recovery Grant Scheme.