A huge welcome to Chloe Fulcher

Chloe Fulcher

My name is Chloe Fulcher and I’m excited to be joining the Bed-Down team as their new Key Accounts Manager. This is something a little different for me, as I have spent the last 8 years working in sales for a couple of different farming magazines, selling classified advertising space.

I have been riding on and off since I was 6 years old and currently have two horses of my own. I didn’t start riding properly until I was 10 with a pony on loan at my local riding school. I had the best time racing around the countryside and messing around in the straw stack! Unfortunately, I gave it all up for 6 years when I left school. I had a complete nutter of a horse that bucked me off every time I rode, and I lost all confidence and love for riding but not a day went by when I didn’t miss it. However, in 2014 I got the opportunity to buy Stella; a horse who I’d known for 10 or so years. She was a 17HH, Dun, Irish Draught x TB and was beautiful. She was my horse of a life time and I did things I never thought I would do again. She gave me back my confidence and love for riding but sadly I had to say goodbye to her in August 2018 due to severe navicular.

Chloe Fulcher

Just 7 months after buying Stella I thought one horse wasn’t enough and we bought Harry. Harry is a 16.2HH ISH and is my absolute baby! There’s something about this horse that is special. I’m pretty sure I’m the only one that sees it though. He had spent a lot of time being passed from pillar to post and I am now his longest serving owner, which is sad as he is 15 years old now. We do the odd local show jumping show but mainly stick to happy hacking. Harry’s favorite thing is to break speed records! 33 mph is our fastest yet!

Chloe Fulcher

Then we have Attica. We bought Attica in November 2017 off a friend. I’m pretty convinced in fate on this one as she had a few people come to try her, but no one bought her. I tried her out and I fell in love with her straight away. She’s not the easiest horse, but she’s an amazing little mare. We have done so much awesome stuff together. I had never done dressage, until I got Attica and she loves to point her toes. In November 2018 we did a local team chase, which was the best feeling in the world! We’ve hunted with the Cambridge Drag Hounds and jumped some hedges which I never thought we could ever do! We’ve done some mad hunting this season and can’t wait for the next. She is a cracking little mare and gives you everything!

I have always wanted to have the opportunity to be out in the field selling a product and that time has finally come. I’m so chuffed that I can sell products that I am passionate about and that I believe in. I understand the importance of a premium quality, dust extracted bedding to be able to address horse health issues such as respiratory COPD, allergies, hoof problems, joint problems, bed eaters and super messy horses to name but a few. I’m really looking forward to going out and about meeting customers face to face and lots of fellow equestrians and owners to discuss their horse bedding requirements. I can’t wait to see what the future brings, because Bed-Down have fantastic products and some very exciting times to come.

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