Bedding industry first unveiled at BETA International

The traditional standard bale is so last season – here comes the Handy Bale!

Harleston, Norfolk, UK, January 22nd 2017 – Just six months after Bed-Down was struck by a major blaze that caused severe disruption to its production facilities, the Norfolk-based premium equine bedding specialist is back with an innovative new product – the Handy Bale. And downsizing has never been this good!

Just when we thought there was no innovation in equine bedding, Bed-Down has released the industry’s favourite bedding products in new handy sized packaging. At half the size and weight of a classic 20 kg bale, the innovative new Handy Bale is simply more conveniently sized and is the brainchild of owner James Foster-Clarke.

James Foster-Clarke, Bed-Down’s Managing Director commented, “We’re celebrating 60 years of making quality animal bedding this year. The fire gave us the opportunity to think about some new ideas and the development of the Handy Bale is the result of lots of feedback from long standing relationships with our stockists and horse owners.”

“They told us it would be really helpful to have smaller bales in lots of situations, so we thought ‘let’s give it a go’ to meet their needs. And here they are!” James added.

The Handy Bale will help make life easier for both the retailers and end-users. Compact and easy to handle, they fit onto stores’ racking more neatly and are easier and safer for staff to handle, and for customers to carry and load in their vehicles. In the stable the Handy Bale is simply easier to handle too, and more economical to disperse, providing horses with constant fresh bedding.

“I am thrilled to announce, as part of our attendance at BETA International, that our best selling premium bedding products including Excel, Excel Plus, Rapasorb and Lavender Shavings bedding will all be available in both the new Handy Bale and traditional sizes and are all back in production in our newly rebuilt facilities in Norfolk.” James concluded.

With a new branding, new size packaging and some exciting new formulations, 2017 certainly promises to be positively eventful for the company. Staff who have been pulling out all the stops themselves over the last six months to make this happen won’t get a chance to Bed-Down just yet!