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Suffolk Punch

The Suffolk Punch

I have been privileged to work for Glenn Cass from Greenstead Green Halstead, who keeps a yard of heavy horses, both Suffolk’s and shires.

The Clydesdale Breed

The Clydesdale Breed

When Flemish stallions arrived in Scotland in the mid-18th century; they were bred with local mares and produced foals that would go on to create the Clydesdale breed.

Shire Horse

The Shire Horse Society

Since 1878 the Shire Horse Society has been working to protect the breed, that was then known as the Old English Breed of Cart Horse.

Freshen up your stable with us

Freshen up your stable with us!

Now Spring is fully underway, the days are drawing out, the weather is getting warmer and our horses are spending more time out in the field.

Gracie Tyte

A word from Gracie Tyte

As my one year anniversary as a Brand Ambassador for Bed-Down Horse Bedding approaches, along with their launch of the new Brand Ambassador program, I thought it would be the ideal opportunity to look back on my year with the Bed-Down team.

Bed-Down Excel

Winter and Covid

With Christmas over and now in to the new year (Happy New Year by the way), normally we would be thinking towards the beginning of the eventing season.

Dressage Rider

Challenging the Limits of Excellence

It has been another eventful year for the equine bedding industry with raw material prices increasing with the availability of shavings scarcer than in previous years.