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Ambassador Abie Salter

We are pleased to introduce to you the next winner of our first Brand Ambassador program.

We wanted to find out more about our ambassadors, and so they have been asked to take part in our Bed-Down quiz.

Find out about Jake’s diagnosis and how Bed-Down bedding helps.

What do you like to be called? Do you have a nickname?
I like to be called Abie or Abs, but most people call me Abs!

What or who inspired you to start riding?
It all started 19 years ago when I was just 5 years old. I tried lots of different hobbies including gymnastics, trampolining and horse riding. Horse riding was a firm favourite! I have always loved animals and I was encouraged to give horse riding a try by my Mum, who had also grown up riding horses. I’m really lucky that she also has a horse and we often go hacking together which is really lovely.

Which discipline is your favourite (to watch and/or participate)?
My favourite discipline to ride is dressage, and I love watching eventing.

Tell us about your current horse(s)
I have a 14.2hh traditional gypsy cob called ‘Just Jake’, known as Jake or Jakey, who I have owned since 6th April 2012. He is a very sensitive, honest and forward going boy. Our main discipline is dressage but Jake is also a very keen jumper, so we occasionally enjoy some showjumping and cross country too.

However, if you have been following our journey on social media, you’ll have seen that Jake has recently been diagnosed with arthritis in his hocks. Sadly this has brought our training to a halt, but the diagnosis has given me the opportunity to rethink how we do things and this is most certainly not the end for us! Jake is being extra spoilt with lots of lovely grooms and we are enjoying doing some lovely hacks, as well as some in-hand work. I am slowly building up back to ridden work, my aim is to trot down the centre line again- as long as he is comfortable doing so!

What daily routine do you follow to ensure your horse is always on top form?
My daily routine has changed since Jake’s diagnosis, which is actually suiting him down to the ground as he is most definitely an outdoor pony! He is out in the field where possible, as I believe movement is key, but he comes in regularly for cuddles, grooms and to ride. Field and weather depending, he sometimes comes in over the winter, as we are on clay and I don’t want the wet uneven ground to put any stress on his joints. Knowing he has a lovely large stable, and knowing how well Bed-Down Excel supports him, leaves me rest assured that when I do have to bring him in he will be at his comfiest.

Can you tell us a funny story from when you have been competing?
It wasn’t funny at the time, but looking back I do have a giggle! There was one time that Jake decided that dressage was no longer his thing and he wanted to audition for the X-Factor instead! He deafened the judge throughout his WHOLE test. Yep, non-stop neighing, and we were in an indoor arena too. Despite this we somehow still managed to score a respectable 66%!

What is the best advice you have been given to help you prepare for an event?
I was always reminded to smile! Look at the judge with confidence and smile as you trot down that centre line. I believe it enhances your overall image and no matter what happens, we are there to have a good time!

What Bed-Down bedding do you use and why?
I have had Jake on Bed-Down doe about a year. I started using Rapasorb as he’s very wet and likes to box walk. Recently he was diagnosed with Arthritis and having read about Excels brilliant ‘spring back‘ technology, I decided to switch him over. It has been just as absorbent and has me rest assured that when he is stabled, his joints are supported and he is comfortable.

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Abie Salter



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