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Ambassador Caroline Eagle

Caroline and Neil are based on the Essex/Suffolk border with a small team of Shires Horses. They have competed all over the country at county shows and are involved in heavy horse demonstrations.

Recently they have taken up driving with their Shire stallion Angus who we hope to see out and competing in the driving classes very soon. We are excited to welcome them to the team and support the rare breed.

What do you like to be called? What is your nickname?!
I’m probably a little old now for my nickname, so Caroline will suffice.

What got you in to riding?
My mother and older sister shared a horse, so at 4 I was constantly at the stables and always got plonked on something to make me feel included.

Do you remember the first event you entered? What / where was it?
I guess it was a gymkhana at the stable yard we were at on the family horse.

Can you tell us a funny story from when you’ve been competing?
Standing in the show ring with a 3 year old colt shouting his head off to his friend with all his glory on show, what can I do except smile at the judge and hope he can trot up ok without tripping himself up!

Why have you chosen your particular discipline?
I sort of fell into the heavy horse world as I’ve done many different disciplines and it was a challenge in the early days of the class, coming out anything went. Now we have all upped our game, the heavy horse class has been elevated up to top class level which now includes a HOYS qualifier.

Who is your favourite horse and why does he/she stand out to you?
I’ve two, for two very different reasons. A very talented grumpy mare called Daisy who taught me sportsmanship. On a good day she would set the world alight, on a bad day we would laugh, smile lots, enjoy the experience and learn from it.

Then I have the ask no questions and give you his all, willing and consistent stallion, Angus.

What’s your most memorable win (with that horse)?
Daisy came 5th at Equifest final in her first year in the show ring, having been a brood mare and broken in at 9 ½.

Angus winning the Equifest class at Royal Norfolk because he just takes it all in his stride and makes me smile.

What goes through your mind before, during and after a competition?
Before the competition, how long is the class going to be, will I need a pee during it?

During, what do we have to eat and drink in the grooms basket?
After I always enjoy the warm fluffy glow of being in the ring with my
horse regardless of the result.

What’s the best advice you have been given to help you prepare before an event?
Ride the moment.

What daily routine do you follow to ensure your horse is in always on top form?
Lots of hacking out and they are happy with variety to keep them interested.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to compete in your discipline?
You are never too old, you are meant to enjoy what you do and don’t let others put you off going for your dream.

Why Bed-Down bedding?
I love the smell, it’s easy to muck out, gives a lovely deep bed that doesn’t move and keeps the feather white.

What positive changes have you noticed in your horse since you started using Bed-Down products?
My horses always like to lie down even during the day and the bed and rugs do not smell.

Do you use handy bales, classic bales or both and why?
Mostly big bales as I have very big horses but the handy bales are great for keeping in the lorry and using when competing and training.

Caroline Eagle



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