Simon Grieve

We are exceptionally proud to have the amazingly talented event rider Simon Grieve as a Bed-Down brand ambassador and look forward to following his ongoing success.

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Brand Ambassador - Simon Grieve

Simon Grieve is a British Event Rider competing horses of all levels. In 2012 he was the BE Foundation Points Champion and has completed Burghley six times.

What do you like to be called? What is your nickname?!
Simon/ Grievesy/ Si/ Simey.

What got you in to riding?
My mum and my grandmother. Gran was amazing and turned me in to as much of an Eventing enthusiast as she was. It’s SUCH a shame that she never got to see me ride round Badminton or Burghley - she would have LOVED it and been in the front row and the first to crack open the champagne when we finished regardless of whether it was a good or bad performance!!

Do you remember the first event you entered? What / where was it?
My first BE Event was at Isleham back in the 90’s where we did the Pre Novice (now BE100). I was eliminated at the coffin and had to do the walk of shame back to the trailer!

Can you tell us a funny story from when you’ve been competing?
I was mentioned in Horse and Hound once. It said, ‘Piggy French won her section at Little Downham on a 22 dressage despite Mini Me and Simon Grieve galloping through the middle of their dressage arena mid test’. Mini had decided she didn’t want to do dressage that day and reared and plunged her way out of our arena and through six others where horses were performing their tests! Embarrassing!!!

Why have you chosen your particular discipline?
I was inspired to event by trips with my gran to Badminton and especially Burghley in the 80’s as a small boy. I just knew I wanted to event. It’s such a challenge and requires so many different abilities, but the biggest is that of being able to build a trusting relationship with your horse - it’s all about trust.

Who is your favourite horse and why does he/she stand out to you?
I don’t have favourites. I absolutely love all the horses that I have ridden and the best ones all have one huge thing in common despite their differences in size, physicality and ability which is the size of their hearts!!!

What’s your most memorable win (with that horse)?
My very first BE win is a great memory. It was on a gorgeous 4 yr old grey horse called ‘Corrib Blue Vinnie’. He was owned by the wonderful Jean Gow who sadly is no longer with us. We travelled miles to Cumbria to compete and she treated me to a very boozy dinner in a ridiculously rural pub the night before and was ecstatic when we won he following day. She was a fantastic character and was very good at living with her glass half full - a very sad loss.

What goes through your mind before, during - and after - a competition?
Before, I want to make sure that I have dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s so that we are prepared. During, I try to focus on myself and the horse and try very hard to stay relaxed and not get distracted. Afterwards I assess both my own and my horses performance - take away the positives and try not to get hung up on the negative bits or a poor performance but learn from them and tailor my future training accordingly.

What’s the best advice you have been given to help you prepare before an event?
Hold your horses hand - be there to support and help him. Just because you’re nervous doesn’t mean you stop helping him like you always would do in training - don’t leave him in the dark.

What daily routine do you follow to ensure your horse is in always on top form?
We have a very set routine every day for the horses - they are fed, worked, turned out and put to bed at the same times everyday, or as near as we can to that. Horses thrive on routine and consistent repetition. We try to use the very best in feed and bedding to ensure their well being.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to compete in your discipline?
Get lots of practice riding lots of different horses in different spheres. I have worked for some of the very best in Eventing, Showjumping, Dressage, dealing, racing, hunting and carriage driving. Having a mentor and good support team is vital as well.

Why Bed-Down bedding?
Bed-Down is virtually dust free and therefore for my horses that compete at the highest level it is a no brainer as it is vital to keep their respiratory system as healthy as possible.

What positive changes have you noticed in your horse since you started using Bed-Down products?
They have been jumping brilliantly and performing better than ever which says a lot.

Do you use handy bales, classic bales or both and why?
I use classic bales. The handy bales will be great for when I tone it down with less horses, but for now I need as much as I can get!!!

Simon Grieve
Simon Grieve - Photo courtesy of Nico Morgan

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