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I am a petite 13 year old who currently compete over 15 ponies and two horses. 2020 was a fantastic year in the circumstances. I won young rider of the year at the H&H awards as well as winning 4 grand prix in one day in le mans and taking home the pony show jumper of the year title at hoys.

In 2019 I was selected for the Children on Horses European Championships on my 17.1hh horse Bart. We finished 5th individually and won Team Bronze. I am a brave and competent rider who wants to make showjumping my full time career.

2018 and 2019 have been my most successful years yet where I had many Grand Prix wins, jumped for Team GBR on Nations Cups and made the move onto competing horses as well.

In 2017 I had a great season notching up 98 wins. My biggest win that year was at Liverpool International on Lissduff Royal in the 138 Grand Prix on New Years eve. 

What do you like to be called? What is your nickname?!
My close friends call me Worm but I also like Tabs or TK!

What got you in to riding?
My parents! I am very lucky to have grown up around horses all my life.

Do you remember the first event you entered? What / where was it?
The first show I remember was a one-day event when I was about four on my pony Tinkabel and Lollypop.

Can you tell us a funny story from when you’ve been competing?
Once I fell off before the start on my pony Bugsy! There was someone running next to the arena and Bugsy spooked and he went one way and I went the other way before we had even jumped a fence! 

Why have you chosen your particular discipline?
Because there is no dressage in showjumping! And when you get quite big in eventing it can be more dangerous than show jumps that fall down. 

Who is your favourite horse and why does he/she stand out to you?
I can’t have favourites but my pony Atomic is so easy to do in every way, we definitely have a special bond! 

What’s your most memorable win (with that horse)?
Winning the 148cm JA class in front of his owners Su and Gordon Hall at Onley was very special. 

What goes through your mind before, during – and after – a competition?
Before – focused on the round. During – do the job. After – I am either, happy, frozen, or tired haha

What’s the best advice you have been given to help you prepare before an event?
My dad trains me and every time before I go into the ring he tells me to just enjoy it and that helps me to relax which I think is very important so I don’t transfer any nerves to the ponies. 

What daily routine do you follow to ensure your horse is in always on top form?
All the horses get turned out as much as possible which I think really helps. They also have frequent visits from the physio that keeps then in tip-top condition. 

What advice would you give to someone who wants to compete in your discipline?

Take your time and get it right at the lower level first before trying to step up in height but most of all have fun!

Why Bed-Down bedding?
Most importantly it is warm and comfortable for the horses. It also is suitable for my pony that suffers from a respiratory disorder! It is super absorbent, keeping waste to a minimum and making our muck heap smaller!!

What positive changes have you noticed in your horse since you started using Bed-Down products?
All the ponies are happy and healthy while enjoying a nice deep and comfortable bed! 

Do you use handy bales, classic bales or both and why?
We use classic bales because all our horses get on with the Excel really well. We use 6 bales to start with then only need to top up with one bale a week which is much less than we used before.

Tabitha Kyle



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