Tammy Ruffles

Tammy Ruffles is a long term Brand Ambassador who has been helping us spread the word about the Bed-Down premium bedding range for many years.

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Brand Ambassador - Tammy Ruffles

Bed-Down Brand Ambassador Tammy Ruffles is a dressage rider, teacher and trainer who is very well respected throughout the equestrian world for her skill and dedication to her craft.

What do you like to be called? What is your nickname?!

What got you in to riding?
It's in my blood.

Do you remember the first event you entered? What / where was it?
Yes I was 7 and it was Framlingham Show on my rescue pony called pickles, he was an exmoor.

Can you tell us a funny story from when you’ve been competing?
My first ever PSG, it was a windy day and I went to do my medium trot and my top hat flew off. I had to stop and get off and put it back on!

Why have you chosen your particular discipline?
My third pony could not jump very high so I needed to. I loved him dearly and found we had a knack for dressage.

Who is your favourite horse and why does he/she stand out to you?
I don't have one, they are all special in their own way.

What’s your most memorable win (with that horse)?
I think winning the advanced/medium Pet Plan national championships.

What goes through your mind before, during - and after - a competition?

What’s the best advice you have been given to help you prepare before an event?
Don't ride the movement you have done, ride the moment you're about to do. And onwards and upwards.

What daily routine do you follow to ensure your horse is in always on top form?
They must have a good diet, a variety of work, a full MOT and most of all love.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to compete in your discipline?
When you put your mind to it you will always achieve.

Why did you choose to be a Bed-Down brand ambassador?
It's an honour as Bed-Down Excel is a fantastic product, I am so proud to be an ambassador.

What positive changes have you noticed in your horse since you started using Bed-Down products?
The bed seems better, the horses are cleaner and they lay down more. The stable also smells better which over all makes a happy horse.

Do you use handy bales, classic bales or both and why?!
Both, handy bales are good for competitions and transportation and the classic bales are great for the yard!

Tammy Ruffles

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A range of equine bedding products crafted using the very finest ingredients for you and your horse.

Bed-Down Excel


Bed-Down Excel bedding is a soft blend of chopped golden Norfolk wheat straw and softwood shavings that guarantees an absorbent, comfortable and durable horses bed.

Bed-Down Excel Plus

Excel Plus

Excel plus is specifically for performance horses or those that suffer from respiratory conditions - Microcote™ helps reduce airborne dust particles in the stable.

Bed-Down Rapasorb


Bed-Down Rapasorb is the most absorbent bedding in our range. Rapasorb is made from quality rape straw is perfect for wet-stables and horses which are on a restricted diet.

Bed-Down Lavender Shavings

Lavender Shavings

Bed-Down Lavender Shavings is the original lavender scented equine bedding loved by horses and their owners alike. Lavender Shavings is made from top quality softwood shavings.

Bed-Down Pure Shavings

Pure Shavings

Pure Shavings offers a highly absorbent dust free cushioning base crafted from timber into the finest quality softwood flakes to create a supportive bed for joint and hoof health.

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