Claybrooke Animal Feeds – Leicestershire’s Bed-Down Specialists

Bed-Down - Just Better British Bedding

For 25 years, Claybrooke Animal Feeds have been a go-to supplier of feeds and horse & animal bedding in Leicestershire, offering an array of products that can only be described as impressive. After all, their range includes Bed-Down’s premium line of horse and animal bedding products.

Claybrooke Animal Feeds are renowned locally for their large variety of excellent feeds and horse & animal bedding and for their friendly service.

At Bed-Down, we set great store by quality and we love good customer service, both of which make this thriving family business a welcome retail partner. The extensive range of Bed-Down horse and animal bedding stocked by Claybrooke Animal Feeds ensures that Leicestershire horse owners have a reliable source of supplies.

Located at Claybrooke Magna, Lutterworth LE17 5DA, Claybrooke Animal Feeds are your one-stop shop for all things horse and animal-related. Their inclusion of Bed-Down bedding in their range highlights their commitment to providing Leicestershire with the best on the market. 

From competition horses to retired ponies, there’s a Bed-Down bale to suit every horse and to provide peace of mind for every doting owner.

You can benefit from our 60-year tradition of innovative premium horse and animal bedding in Leicestershire just as well as elsewhere. If you share our boundless passion for animals, we’re here for you.

If you like what you’ve read about Claybrooke Animal Feeds but you’re looking for a supplier closer to where you’re based, ask your local tack shop to reach out to Bed-Down direct! We can be contacted on 01986 785278 or at