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Information about the Bed-Down range and what makes our brand stand out in the equestrian and animal bedding world as a whole.

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A look inside the Bed-Down bale

So why choose Bed-Down bedding? And what are the advantages of choosing one of premium bedding products? Let's find out with this useful guide to our range!

Bed-Down Bedding

Our Bedding Range

With 60 years of experience behind us we feel that Bed-Down is the name most associated with innovation in the premium equine bedding sector.

The tale of two bales

The Tale Of Two Bales

Bed-Down bedding is now available in two sizes, the 10kg Handy Bale and the redesigned 20kg Classic Slim Bale, so let’s find out why!

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Your Horses Choice

Bed-Down bedding is designed and crafted to be as unique as your horse! So no matter what kind of horse you own we have the bale for you!

Chicken in field

Small Holder Poultry

Bed-Down bedding products are perfect for the poultry smallholder. Our excellent range of bedding products will keep your hens extra cosy all year round.


Game Bird Bedding

We understand the importance of providing quality bedding for game bird chicks and our range has a loyal following among game breeders and rearers.

Beautiful Horse

Unique Combination Bedding System

Using Bed-Down’s Excel Bedding and Absorb Bedding as individual products is a great option but together they create a unique combination bedding system.


Meet the Bed-Down Horse Bedding Range

A range of equine bedding products crafted using the very finest ingredients for you and your horse.

Bed-Down Excel


Bed-Down Excel bedding is a soft blend of chopped golden Norfolk wheat straw and softwood shavings that guarantees an absorbent, comfortable and durable horses bed.

Bed-Down Excel Plus

Excel Plus

Excel plus is specifically for performance horses or those that suffer from respiratory conditions - Microcoteâ„¢ helps reduce airborne dust particles in the stable.

Bed-Down Rapasorb


Bed-Down Rapasorb is the most absorbent bedding in our range. Rapasorb is made from quality rape straw is perfect for wet-stables and horses which are on a restricted diet.

Bed-Down Lavender Shavings

Lavender Shavings

Bed-Down Lavender Shavings is the original lavender scented equine bedding loved by horses and their owners alike. Lavender Shavings is made from top quality softwood shavings.

Bed-Down Pure Shavings

Pure Shavings

Pure Shavings offers a highly absorbent dust free cushioning base crafted from timber into the finest quality softwood flakes to create a supportive bed for joint and hoof health.

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Why choose Bed-Down bedding?

We're the 'stable' choice for all your horse and animal bedding needs!

We love our animals

At Bed-Down we love our horses and poultry as much as you do which is why that same love and care goes into every product we make.

Save time & money

Bed-Down's range of bedding products is renowned for it's ultra absorbent properties, meaning less time mucking out your stable and big savings in your pocket.

Customer Care

The Bed-Down Team are always on hand to help you find the appropriate bedding for your equine friend. We understand your horse is as unique as you!