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Many factors contribute to the development of respiratory problems in horses and bedding plays a vital part in reducing this risk as well as enhancing the performance, health and well-being of the stabled horse.

For a horse to perform consistently at top level in any discipline it is essential that the bedding used is clean, comfortable, and durable with good absorption!

For the equestrian establishment the bedding should be easy to use, attractive and consistent in all aspects of quality and service.

Taking these points into consideration Bed-Down Horse Bedding has developed a range of premium horse bedding products.

Bed-Down Premium
Manufactured from top quality, graded softwood, Bed-Down Premium shavings are “shaved” directly from the log and then dried using a slow and consistent drying process to ensure that each Bed-Down Premium Shaving flake achieves optimal absorption and prevents over-drying of the hoof wall. After careful grading for size, colour and thickness Bed-Down Premium Shavings then undergo a unique, multiple dust extraction process, EASY BREATHE™ to ensure consistency and cleanliness. The Bed-Down dust extraction process will ensure high air quality within the stable. The whole process is continually monitored to ensure that only the best quality raw material and then shavings are used to make Bed-Down Premium Shavings.

The extra-large Premium shaving flake makes easy to use, durable, comfortable and attractive bedding suitable for all equines.

Bed-Down Premium encourages the horse to lie down, reduces ammonia which can damage the lungs, hoof wall and immune system and provides a supportive but cushioning base to prevent injury and musculo-skeletal problems.

Bed-Down Premium is also available with Microcote™ to create Bed-Down Premium Plus. A colourless and odourless dressing, Microcote™ has been designed to reduce dust particles created by the horse in the stable. Microcote™ will further improve the air quality within the stable making Bed-Down Premium Plus especially suitable for equines suffering from or at risk from any respiratory condition.

A family owned and run business, Robin Foster-Clarke has been producing the Bed-Down Horse Bedding range for over 25 years with the company trading for over 50 years. During this time we have built an enviable reputation for innovative quality products and excellent customer service. We are pleased to supply many leading equestrian establishments throughout the UK and abroad.

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