Introducing Our New Field Sales Manager

My name is Mel Glen-Bott and I am delighted to have joined the Bed-Down Team as Field Sales Manager.

When I started in sales 15 years ago, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but it soon became apparent that sales was definitely the right path to take!

I have experience of working across a number of different sectors, including holding various positions within the equine retail sales, racing yards, livery yards and riding schools. Last year I also started my ABRS Initial Teaching Award.

I am a sociable, friendly and approachable character with a love and lifelong passion for horses and anything equine. I have ridden since I was 9 years old and since owning my own horses have had the opportunity to compete (unaffiliated) in all three ridden disciplines.

In 2009, I took on the challenge of retraining and re-schooling my own ex-racehorse. His name is Out For A Stroll (Strolls), and I had him straight from the trainers yard in Newmarket. He was a useful 7f-8f handicapper in his day, and won 1/5 of his starts during his 10 year career on the track. Eight years later, he is an elementary level dressage horse and currently on loan to a riding school, at the grand age of 18.

After, Strolls I bought another (Stawell Gift) to retrain. He was just six when I bought him and was a delight. He was retrained to event as he lived to jump, but unfortunately suffered with various conditions and ailments including navicular disease, a roached back and he used to bleed if pushed too hard. Unfortunately at 9 he was put to sleep after injuring both front suspensory ligaments.

My third for retraining (Mobs) came from another local yard in Newmarket. He was 12 when I had him and suffered with breathing issues, cataracts, onset kissing spine and two check ligament injuries. In January this year he was also put to sleep at the age of 14. I understand all too well the highs and lows of owning horses, and I know how important it is, as owners, to make sure we absolutely get it right.

Currently I have a challenging 7 year old on loan to me, for retraining. He was in race training as a 2 year old, but was withdrawn due to a fractured sesamoid. I have had Parker just 4 months and can already see a huge improvement in his fitness and going. It is thought that he has good potential as either an eventer or endurance horse, but it is too early at this stage to tell.

I have always dreamed of holding a field sales position within the equine / animal sector and I am excited about the opportunities that working for Bed-Down will offer. For many horse owners, myself included, bedding can potentially be an ongoing battle against many equine ailments such as COPD, respiratory issues, thrush, absorbency levels, footing and leg issues to name but a few.

Throughout my years working with and owning horses I have seen and experienced the many issues that different bedding can throw at us. I myself, am allergic to straw which has its own problems. I understand the complications that can occur if we, as owners, are sold/choose the wrong bedding and the repercussions of such a decision. I also understand the need to treat each horse as an individual on its own merit and the importance of dust extracted bedding across all disciplines and equine sport.

I look forward to meeting, working and discussing your requirements with you in the near future.