LeMieux All Star Academy

Bed-Down - Just Better British Bedding

Back by popular demand, the All Star Academy series brought to us by Horse & Country TV, is set to return to our screens from Saturday 19th November.

Pammy and Jenny are back at Talland with a new group of All Stars. The eight lucky contestants and their horses; Natasha and Oxo, Isabelle and Ariya, Rowena and Deli, Joanna and Blondie, Grace and Duke, Tommy and Louie, Ciaran and Matty, Dominique and Stella, will be coached by top equestrian stars. The riders will be eliminated with only four left to battle it out in the finale.

LeMieux All Star Academy

We are delighted to be this year’s Lemieux All Star Academy’s main stable sponsor. Each of the eight horses have been bedded down on Bed-Down Excel, the original 50/50 straw shavings mix.
Master of all environments, Bed-Down Excel provides them with a clean, comfortable, and cushioning bed with excellent spread volume. As well as being easy to muck out, with its high-quality super absorbent shavings flake and free draining chopped straw. Not forgetting Excel’s lovely lemon scent keeping the stable area smelling fresh.

LeMieux All Star Academy

We spoke to one of the All Stars Ciaran and asked him what he thought of Bed-Down Excel:
“I’ve found the bedding really good. Matty, I find is quite a messy mare, but it’s held well and is really absorbent being a 50/50 straw shavings mix. She’s had lots of lying down time, whenever I come down in the morning her rug is always covered in Excel!”

We can’t wait to see all eight be put through their paces, along with special appearances from top equestrian stars.

Who will make it to the finale? Tune in to H&C+ from Saturday 19th November to find out! Each episode will drop weekly until the finale, which will be released on Christmas Eve.