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Premium Equine Bedding

Extra large carefully graded softwood shavings create a soft, absorbent and naturally unpalatable bedding that’s dust-free and protects all-round equine health – the favourite bedding of jocky clubs world wide!

Why choose Premium?

  • Bed-Down Premium undergoes our unique EASY BREATHE™ multiple dust extraction process to safeguard your horse’s respiratory health. Bale after bale you can be sure that Bed-Down Premium always contains clean, soft and absorbent shavings which offer great value
  • Bed-Down Premium is also naturally unpalatable making it suitable for horses on a restricted diet
  • Bed-Down Premium is purpose made and is not a by-product or waste material. Premium degrades in 4 – 8 months making your muck heap smaller
  • After careful grading for size, colour and thickness Bed-Down Premium Shavings then undergo an innovative dust extraction process to ensure consistency, cleanliness and high air quality within the stable
  • Our unique advanced multiple dust extraction process, EASY BREATHE™, removes hazardous airborne dust particles to protect sensitive equine respiration. Even better, we combine it with Microcote™, a patented additive designed to reduce dust particles created by the general day to day wear on any bedding by “trapping” those and preventing them being inhaled by the horse
  • Through stringent monitoring we are able to produce a highly absorbent flake with a cushioning base that prevents injury and musculo-skeletal problems. The flakes are dried using a slow and consistent drying process to offer optimal absorption and prevents over-drying of the hoof wall. Large softwood flakes make a comfortable and warm bed that is pleasantly naturally fragrant. Cushioning shavings create a supportive bed for joint and hoof health
  • Suitable for horses on a restricted diet, the large softwood flakes are naturally unpalatable.
  • Available from our stockists in Classic Bale (20kg) and Handy Bale (10kg) sizes.
  • Our packaging is made using 30% recycled plastic are 100% recyclable and reuseable

Simply the best

Premium Bedding


BED-DOWN BRAND Ambassador SIMON GRieVE demonstrates just how easy it is to create the perfect bed for you horse.

Introducing The Bed-Down Bale

We’ve thought a lot about our bale design and we have to say we’re pretty proud of it!

Easy Breathe dust extraction

The dust extraction process in all Bed-Down products is highly beneficial to your horses respiratory health.

Double sealed for freshness

Our new bale design is double sealed which ensures all Bed-Down bedding products stay fresher for longer.

New ergonomic design

We have totally redesigned the shape of all Bed-Down bales making them easier to handle, store and transport.

Now available in two sizes

We felt the need for a more manageable bale size for events and storage, so our range is now available in the Classic ‘Slim’ bale size and the new Handy Bale size.

Premium Bedding



Master of all environments

Shop the collection, lots to love and less to spend. We have a fantastic range of bedding from horse shavings that smell of Lavender to our best-selling, original straw shavings mix, Excel.

Find the perfect bed for your horse

whatever your horse may need, Bed-down have you covered!

Bed-Down Excel Equine Bedding

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