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Bed-Down bedding products are perfect for the poultry smallholder. Our excellent range of bedding products will keep your hens extra cosy all year round.

One of the most important points to remember when housing poultry is to ensure that the bedding used is free from mites, moulds and spores.

In the past many people have used farmer’s baled hay and straw however as well as being difficult and messy to store they can also be perfect breeding grounds for mites and moulds. This can then result in your much loved flock becoming vulnerable to some nasty diseases.

The raw materials used in Bed-Down products have all been selected to ensure consistency and quality. All our straw is stored undercover and moisture tested before being processed and our shavings are processed from kiln dried softwood which virtually eliminates deadly moulds and spores. By choosing one of our fragranced products you can also help to banish nasty mites as well as keeping your poultry house free from flies and nice and fresh.

Choose from the following Bed-Down bales:

Traditional/Cozy Chicken – chopped and dust extracted wheat straw with a pleasant lemon fragrance. Traditional is economical and easy to use and is perfect for nest boxes.
Excel – chopped wheat straw mixed with softwood shavings with a pleasant lemon fragrance. Excel is warm and absorbent and the lovely fragrance will keep housing fresh for you and your flock.
Rapasorb – chopped oilseed rape straw with a pleasant fragrance. Rapasorb is durable and absorbent making it great for using under perches and in runs.
Pure Shavings – dust extracted softwood shavings. Pure Shavings are clean and fluffy making them really absorbent.
Lavender Shavings – dust extracted softwood shavings with a lovely lavender fragrance. Lavender shavings are clean and fluffy and the lavender fragrance will keep housing fresh for you and your flock.

Have you heard about Bed-Down’s brand new chicken bedding product Cozy Chicken? Visit the Cozy Chicken website to find out more information www.cozychicken.uk

Our Small Holder Poultry Bedding



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