Poultry Bedding

Keep your hens extra cosy with Bed-Down bedding which is specifically designed and crafted for poultry.

Just Better British Bedding


Say hello to the Bed-Down Poultry Bedding Range

A range of the bedding products crafted using the very finest ingredients for you, your poultry and your game birds.

Cozy Chicken

Cozy Chicken

Do you have a have a chicken coop in your garden, do you have a smallholding or are you thinking about keeping chickens? 



Traditional is our new superior quality bedding made from high quality Norfolk wheat straw to keep your horses happier and healthier.

Crumbledown Bag


Bed-Down Crumble Down poultry bedding is manufactured from softwood and finely chopped straw compressed into pellets.

Bed-Down Excel


Bed-Down Excel bedding is a soft blend of chopped golden Norfolk wheat straw and softwood shavings that guarantees an absorbent, comfortable and durable horses bed.

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Introducing the new Bed-Down Bale

We've thought a lot about our new bale design and we have to say we're pretty proud of it!
Easy Breathe Dust Extraction

The dust extraction process in all Bed-Down products is highly beneficial to your horses respiratory health.

Double Sealed for freshness

Our new bale design is double sealed which ensures all Bed-Down bedding products stay fresher for longer.

Cozy Chicken Bale
New Ergonomic Design

We have totally redesigned the shape of all Bed-Down bales making them easier to handle, store and transport.

Now available in two sizes

We felt the need for a more manageable bale size for events and storage, so our range is now available in the Classic 'Slim' bale size and the new Handy Bale size.

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Why choose Bed-Down bedding?

We're the 'stable' choice for all your horse and animal bedding needs!

We love our animals

At Bed-Down we love our horses and poultry as much as you do which is why that same love and care goes into every product we make.

Save time & money

Bed-Down's range of bedding products is renowned for it's ultra absorbent properties, meaning less time mucking out your stable and big savings in your pocket.

Customer Care

The Bed-Down Team are always on hand to help you find the appropriate bedding for your equine friend. We understand your horse is as unique as you!