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Bed-Down Excel Plus Bedding


“A great horse will change your life a truly special one defines you”- author unknown

Like Excel Plus, your horse is one of a kind. Excel Plus is uniquely formulated with MICROCOTETM which helps support your horse’s sensitive respiratory system by locking up harmful environmental dust particles. This means you can relax safe in the knowledge your horse can breathe easy whilst being stabled.

Excel Plus is ideal for horses with recurrent airway obstruction (RAO), inflammatory airway disease (IAD) or allergies. If your horse is suffering from or at risk to any of these conditions, this is a stressful situation and can be hard knowing where to start. We also created Excel Plus for your competition or performance horse giving extra protection for your equine athlete. Our EASY BREATHE™ dust extraction system dramatically reduces dust and the added Eucalyptus oil, naturally known for breaking down congestion, further maximises your horse’s athletic potential.


  • Available in both 20kg or 10kg easy to manage size bales
  • Typically delivered in 3-5 working days
  • Depending on circumstances, initial stable set up of 5-6 bales and no more than 1-2 bales a week

If you require a specific time for your delivery, we offer morning (am) and afternoon (pm).

Smaller lorry will be required – If you are within a 7.5 tonne restricted area please tick this box.

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How to make the perfect Excel Plus bed

You can make a fresh Bed-Down bed on a clean rubber mat or conventional stable floor, or gradually combine with other bedding as part of your usual maintenance routine. You’ll be able to appreciate the full product benefits once you’ve removed all existing bedding.

How many bags will I need to create a new bed?
You’ll need about 6 Classic Bales for a typical 12’ x 12’ (3.6m x 3.6m) stable. This will create a deep comfy bed once the bedding is spread out and fluffed up.

How do I replace an existing bed with new Bed-Down bales?
Add new bedding to the outside of the bed, gradually moving existing bedding towards the centre as more new bedding is added. Keep adding new bedding to the outside of the bed until all old bedding has been removed.

What’s the most economical way to maintain a clean, dry bed in my stable?

  • To maintain a good depth, add 1-1.5 fresh Classic Bales per week (depending on your horse’s needs).
  • Remove droppings and tidy the bed daily, remembering to fluff the bedding in the areas you’ve cleaned.
  • Remove wet bedding patches weekly, topping up with fresh Bed-Down bedding.

You can easily split a Classic 20kg Bale in half by following the instructions on the side of the packaging – or add extra freshness and convenience by using a Handy 10kg Bale.

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Bale Size

Classic Bale 35 x 20KG Bales, Handy Bale 50 x 10KG Bales, Try Me Now 2 x 10KG Bales


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