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Bed-Down Traditional Bedding


“Simplicity is the simplest form of sophistication” – Leonardo Da Vinci

Traditional is a well-established, economical bedding providing extra protection for your horse over untreated conventional long straw which can be smelly and non-absorbent. Traditional is a chopped, improved wheat straw bedding with a lovely lemon fragrance.

Your horse has a sensitive respiratory system which can be affected by dust and mould spores found in conventional straw bales which puts your horse at risk of respiratory problems. Traditional undergoes our unique, multiple dust extraction process EASY BREATHE™ to protect your horse’s respiratory health. Traditional is simplicity with added benefits; it is lighter and easier to muck out, is more absorbent to significantly reduce ammonia levels and provides a very soft and comfortable bed.


  • Available in both 20kg or 10kg easy to manage size bales
  • Order today and have it delivered direct to your door
  • Depending on circumstances, initial stable set up of 6 bales and no more than a 1-2 bales a week


How to make the perfect Traditional bed

You can make a fresh Bed-Down bed on a clean rubber mat or conventional stable floor, or gradually combine with other bedding as part of your usual maintenance routine. You’ll be able to appreciate the full product benefits once you’ve removed all existing bedding.

How many bags will I need to create a new bed?
You’ll need about 6 Classic? Bales for a typical 12’ x 12’ (3.6m x 3.6m) stable. This will create a deep comfy bed once the bedding is spread out and fluffed up.

How do I replace an existing bed with new Bed-Down bales?
Add new bedding to the outside of the bed, gradually moving existing bedding towards the centre as more new bedding is added. Keep adding new bedding to the outside of the bed until all old bedding has been removed.

What’s the most economical way to maintain a clean, dry bed in my stable?

  • To maintain a good depth, add 1-1.5 fresh Classic Bales per week (depending on your horse’s needs).
  • Remove droppings and tidy the bed daily, remembering to fluff the bedding in the areas you’ve cleaned.
  • Remove wet bedding patches weekly, topping up with fresh Bed-Down bedding.

You can easily split a Classic 20kg Bale in half by following the instructions on the side of the packaging.

Additional information

Bale Size

Classic Bale 35 x 20KG Bales, Try Me Now 1 x 20KG Bale


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