providing premium horse bedding for the Swindon equestrian community

Bed-Down - Just Better British Bedding

If you’re in need of premium quality horse bedding in Swindon or elsewhere in Wiltshire, ask your tack shop for Bed-Down. Providing comfort and safety for your horses is of prime importance. Bed-Down, boasting 65 years of expertise in producing horse and animal bedding, is your reliable partner.

We appreciate that no two horses are the same, which is why we produce a wide range of bedding products: there’s something to suit the particular needs of every horse and pony. Whether you keep a horse for casual riding or for top-level competition, Bed-Down offers a bale well suited to your equine partner’s needs. This means you can be confident that your horses will spend their rest time relaxing on the very best bedding. Bed-Down’s complete range of horse bedding is available for delivery to Swindon and across Wiltshire.

Bed-Down’s enthusiasm for horses is not just business related; on a personal level, our directors and staff are active members of the equestrian community. With a genuine appreciation of the crucial role played by high-quality bedding in mitigating respiratory issues and improving performance, the Bed-Down team make sure that each and every bale is submitted to our unique Easy Breathe™ multiple dust extraction process. This precaution helps safeguard the respiratory health of horses and ponies, enabling them to perform to their best ability, whatever their discipline.

Bed-Down boasts technologically advanced manufacturing facilities in Norfolk, into which over £4 million has been invested. This allows us to conduct robust quality control, ensuring that our entire output meets the highest standards expected of equine bedding. Equestrians hoping to source the best horse bedding in Swindon can depend on Bed-Down to deliver a product that will contribute to the health and well-being of their horses.

Our Easy Breathe™ dust extraction process has earned Bed-Down many a plaudit. This process safeguards horses’ respiratory health whilst also contributing to a cleaner stable environment. With Bed-Down horse bedding, horses in Swindon are now guaranteed a comfortable night’s sleep on a bed which conserves their well-being. They’ll awaken refreshed and ready for an active day in the ring or on the fields.

At Bed-Down, we know from our own experience how challenging it can be loading bales into vehicles for events. To make life a little easier for horse owners in Swindon and elsewhere, we make our horse bedding bales in various different sizes and shapes. We make compact bales for events as well as larger ones for daily stable use. The equestrian community around Swindon demand high-quality horse bedding, and Bed-Down are here to deliver it! Thanks to our long experience, our devotion to equine welfare and our advanced production facilities, we’re well placed to help you improve and maintain your horse’s comfort and well-being.

Browse our range on this website, and ask your tack shop or horse bedding supplier in Swindon, or elsewhere in Wiltshire, to stock Bed-Down. We can be contacted on 01986 785278 or at