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    Meet the Bed-Down Horse Bedding Range

    A range of equine bedding products crafted using the very finest ingredients for you and your horse.

    Bed-Down Excel


    Bed-Down Excel bedding is a soft blend of chopped golden Norfolk wheat straw and softwood shavings that guarantees an absorbent, comfortable and durable horses bed.

    Bed-Down Excel Plus

    Excel Plus

    Excel plus is specifically for performance horses or those that suffer from respiratory conditions - Microcoteâ„¢ helps reduce airborne dust particles in the stable.

    Bed-Down Rapasorb


    Bed-Down Rapasorb is the most absorbent bedding in our range. Rapasorb is made from quality rape straw is perfect for wet-stables and horses which are on a restricted diet.

    Bed-Down Lavender Shavings

    Lavender Shavings

    Bed-Down Lavender Shavings is the original lavender scented equine bedding loved by horses and their owners alike. Lavender Shavings is made from top quality softwood shavings.

    Bed-Down Pure Shavings

    Pure Shavings

    Pure Shavings offers a highly absorbent dust free cushioning base crafted from timber into the finest quality softwood flakes to create a supportive bed for joint and hoof health.

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    Why choose Bed-Down bedding?

    We're the 'stable' choice for all your horse and animal bedding needs!

    We love our animals

    At Bed-Down we love our horses and poultry as much as you do which is why that same love and care goes into every product we make.

    Save time & money

    Bed-Down's range of bedding products is renowned for it's ultra absorbent properties, meaning less time mucking out your stable and big savings in your pocket.

    Customer Care

    The Bed-Down Team are always on hand to help you find the appropriate bedding for your equine friend. We understand your horse is as unique as you!