The Tale Of Two Bales

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What Makes Our Bales So Much Better?

Bed-Down’s unique, multiple dust extraction process, EASY BREATHE™, efficiently removes hazardous airborne dust particles from all our bedding bales during our bale manufacturing process to ensure consistently clean bedding that safeguards your animals’ respiratory health. 

A 60 years tradition in innovative premium bedding, new state of the art manufacturing facilities and a boundless passion for animals!

Our patented additive, Microcote™, (Excel Plus and Premium only) reduces formation of airborne dust particles released during day-to-day bedding usage in stables. Microcote is harmless to both horses and humans and meets Jockey Club regulations. 

And we make sure Bed-Down bedding bales reach you in peak premium condition and stay that way until you’re ready to use them.

All our bales come with our unique double seal system to reinforce their strength at the lifting points, dramatically reducing the risks of leaking from damaged bales. Not to mention enhancing each bale’s freshness, giving a longer shelf-life and increased protection from water damage.

The Handy Bale
Our innovative handy bale truly is an industry first! Half the size and weight of a traditional bale, the 10 kilos Handy Bale was created to make life easier for horse owners  – it was all their idea!

Next time you head to your local stockist, you’ll find you can get 50% more Handy Bales in your vehicle. Easier and safer to carry, load and unpack, the Handy Bale truly is huggable and much kinder to your back than a traditional bale. The Handy Bale is economical too – a smaller bale helps to minimise wastage and ensures your horse bedding is always fresh.

You will love the Handy Bale when you’re on the road too. They fit easily into horse trailer racking, making them perfectly convenient for shows, competitions and overnight stabling. And did we mention, your back will love them?!

The new ‘slim’ Classic Bale
Our 20 kilos Classic Bale have been re-designed for improved handling. The new flatter rectangular shape keeps the weight closer to your body when you lift it, helping to care for your back. It’s easier to store, carry and use, and to load in a vehicle.

The bale’s shape can increase your vehicle’s loading capacity by 33%, fitting in 4 bales instead of 3.

The New Classic Bale range includes the much-trusted Excel, Excel Plus and Rapasorb with further innovative premium bedding products to be added to our superb range over the coming months.

Bed-Down Traditional With Rider



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Shop the collection, lots to love and less to spend. We have a fantastic range of bedding from horse shavings that smell of Lavender to our best-selling, original straw shavings mix, Excel.

Find the perfect bed for your horse

whatever your horse may need, Bed-down have you covered!

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