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Bed-Down User Testimonials

A big thank you to all the Bed-Down users who have taken the time to write us a review.

After years of being a Littlemax user, Abie (@jakethegypsycob) persuaded me to try Bed-Down Rapasorb and I am now converted. It works brilliantly for my messy cob!

Sam Salter

I’d definitely recommend Bed-Down Bedding to equine owners, because your bedding is top quality, smells lovely and goes along way. Bed-Down Bedding is very easy to muck out from, making us equestrians life easier! My horses love it, and even lay in it. Therefore I’m a happy customer when we purchase Bed-Down Bedding!

Anya Peck

I do not use any of your bedding yet, however I would just like to say that I think your company is amazing! Whenever I’ve had any questions about your bedding or the BA program, the response has been quick and incredibly helpful, and everyone has been really nice.

Lucy Prendergast

Since moving from traditional shavings to Bed-Down Exel I have noticed a massive difference with my horse’s bed. Not only does the bedding smell fantastic, 1 bale goes a long way meaning that I have now cut down my bedding bill. The absorbency of Bed-Down is like no other which means my horses bed are now a lot cleaner. Bed-Down excellent value for money and I would highly recommend it to anyone – I wish I started using it earlier.

Mel Baker

We are based in Glasgow, Scotland. We love Bed-Down bedding for the lovely team and kind customer service.

Cara Mackenzie

The Bed-Down Lavender Shavings has really helped my mare with her breathing. I would recommend this product for anyone that has a horse with breathing problems as there is simply no dust. I made the switch last winter and every single bale has been dust free and leaves my stable smelling fresh. I wouldn’t use anything else now.

Cara Wakefield

The Bed-Down Lavender Shavings has really helped my mare I have 2 horses and was getting through about 2 bags of wood pellets a week each. I now use your Bed-Down Rapasorb. I now use 1 bale a week for my gelding and 1 bale a fortnight for my mare, a great saving!! I’ve had my own horses for about 50 years, so I have tried all sorts of bedding for them. Straw, woodchip, paper, cardboard, wood pellets. Mucking out is easier, as I can now skip out for a few days, then just lift out the wet for a few days, until I muck out as needed. Rapasorb does what it says on the pack. It rapidly adsorbs the wet, is not dusty, and very easy to use and store.

Judi Thurlow

Not only has Bed-down bedding helped reduce the amount I muck out, it has helped Indie with her cough and my mum who has asthma, as the bedding is dust extracted.

Emma Sayer

Just wanted to send a quick email to say I have just been introduced to Bed-Down bedding by my yard owner Charlotte Dole (@decadenceequestrian). I absolutely love the bedding so much mainly the smell. My mare is so messy and smelly but it completely eliminates all the odours and her stable always smells so fresh now. Your bedding has also encouraged her to lay down at night every morning, her fleece is always covered in shavings now! So glad she’s finding it comfortable and warm and very grateful to Charlotte for introducing me to such quality bedding this will definitely be my go to bedding from now on 🙂

Holly Evennett

My names Olivia and I’m a 20 year old BS show jumper from Kent. I have been a fan of your brand and shavings for a while now and not just me, but many people I know. I especially love the Lavender Shavings for happier and healthier horses, as my horses can be very wet due to staying in so much as they are competition horses and sometimes I find it hard to keep their stables smelling nice and fresh. I love the fact they are also highly absorbent as I’ve come across some shavings that don’t even soak up the wet. Im in love with the Pure Shavings too as finding shavings that have minimal dust is a real hard one as one of my old ponies really suffers with COPD and can get a bad cough in the summer. Also I must say your packaging is like no other it’s so unique!!! They have an incredible lemon scent, meaning my stable always smells great. All round my mare seems so much happier on them. I can’t thank Bed-Down enough for producing such high standard bedding at such a cost effective way. I wouldn’t put my horses on any other bedding since my transition.


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