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Bed-Down User Testimonials

A big thank you to all the Bed-Down users who have taken the time to write us a review.

Abbie Rogers

My horse and I love Bed-Down bedding because it is so dust free and it smells amazing! My horse loves lying down on it as it’s super comfortable.

Abbie Rogers, South Dorset

Lydia Murphy

I use Bed Down Excel for both my horses and would highly recommend it. It provides great soft coverage for them to lie in and has a very pleasant lemon scent. It is very absorbent and makes the mucking out of quicker. I wouldn’t use anything else!

Lydia Murphy, East Hertfordshire

Bethany Barrett

My horse and I love Bed-Down bedding because it is so dust free and it smells amazing! I use Bed-Down for my horses because it is the best bedding out there for lots of reasons. It’s hygienic and has a lemon scent to stop the horses eating it which works as I have two ponies and ponies will eat almost anything! It’s comfortable and soft and the horses love to roll and lie down in it and the bedding cushions the floor, so the horses don’t injure themselves. I think this is a very important feature as most shavings are not as fluffy and cushioning. Bed-Down is incredibly easy to muck out and one bale goes a very long way! I have also noticed that my ponies tend to keep their beds cleaner with Bed-Down Excel than with ordinary shavings. They don’t tend to mix up the dirty areas with the clean bedding.

Bethany Barrett, Bungay

Lottie O’Brien

Me and my friend @km.eventing09 use the lavender scented shavings and it has changed our horses completely!! The lovely lavender scent has really made them a lot calmer and less stressed when stabled and has helped with ulcers as we have found it is the only bedding comfortable enough for them to lay down on! It has also been really super for stay away shows or holidays as we have found that they settle in a lot quicker and are less stressed when they are away from home. Would 100% recommend Bed-Down bedding and their range of scents especially the lavender one!d has a very pleasant lemon scent. It is very absorbent and makes the mucking out of quicker. I wouldn’t use anything else!

Lottie O’Brien, Cambridgeshire

Brooke Anderson

I use the lavender Bed-Down shavings for my horse’s bed and it’s amazing, from the lush scent to the soft, great quality shavings! I often find most shavings quite dusty but i’ve never had a problem with Bed-Down shavings! I would 100% recommend buying from this great company.

Brooke Anderson, Suffolk


Riding at the highest level in eventing is tough – you need a fantastic horse, team, equipment and supplies! That’s why I turned to Bed-Down for my horses’ bedding. It’s the best on the market. All products are virtually dust free, super absorbent and a little goes a long way. I wouldn’t want my top horses on anything else.

Simon Grieve, International 4* Event Rider

Amy Tickle

I have been using Bed-Down for 20 years, it’s a bedding that does what it says on the packaging. I use Bed-Down Excel and it has been very versatile as I have deep littered it as well as an everyday muck out. Bed-Down’s products are all very absorbent as well as being dust free and easy to use, and the stable always smells beautiful!

Amy Tickle, Dressage Rider


Many of the horses at the yard have benefited to the change to Bed-Down bedding as it is more absorbent. The beds are cleaner, the hoof condition has improved as the beds are not so wet. It smells better and doesn’t make your eyes water when mucking out. For our event horses or those with respiratory problems we use the excel plus as it has the Microcote added. Performance Horses need performance bedding and that’s why we use Bed-Down.

Stacy Shimmons, International 4* Event Rider


I chose Bed-Down to support my horse’s performance and keep them happy and healthy. My horses and I are a team and performing at our best is at the top of my agenda. I also love that Bed-Down is economical and cost effective allowing me to use less and better manage my finances.

PC Charlotte Lee, Showjumper


Excel is fantastic product I will not use anything else. My stables smell so nice and it makes the bed look fluffier and inviting for the horses. The bales are very cost effective – worth every penny. I feel Excel goes so much further than any other product; it absorbs the urine really well and keeps the lovely smell. In my eyes it’s the only bedding I would have and trust to be dust free. The lovely thing about excel is the horses don’t try and eat the straw, so a total winner.

Tammy Ruffles, Dressage Coach and Rider


I have been using Bed-Down for 7 years and can highly recommend their range of bedding, but my favourite is the Excel Plus. Its super absorbent and makes a big fluffy bed. The bedding goes so much further than a standard bale of shavings. My horse Almansor loves to lay down a lot so it’s the perfect bedding for him to get a good nights rest. Expertly dust extracted and treated Microcote, Excel Plus has helped keep his coughing at bay unlike other brands of bedding. The eucalyptus essential oils keeps my horse’s stable smelling fresh and free from ammonia. I’ve noticed a huge difference in Almansor’s general performance since using Bed-Down. Its quite simply the best bedding for my competition horse.

Laura Smith, International Dressage Rider

Marcin Stachurski

We love the Bed-Down Lavender. We recently started using this on our competition horses and they love it. Its so absorbing and easy to muck out, plus the smell relaxes not just the horses but us too.

Marcin Stachurski, Grand Prix Dressage Rider

Maxine Smith

Started using the Beddown Lavender shavings as wanted to save time and go straight to work from the yard but couldn’t go smelling of stinky bedding! These are a game changer as I can now go in the stable and not smell, not only are they super absorbent and smell amazing, my horse Novo absolutely loves them which is really important as he works hard and it’s so important he’s comfortable and happy to rest and lie down.

Maxine Smith

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