What a remarkable year it’s been for Bed-Down!

Bed-Down - Just Better British Bedding

As another year draws to a close, the team at Bed-Down are very pleased with the great twelve months we’ve had. 2023 has been a year of milestones, celebrations, and most importantly, deepening connections with our cherished customers.

Bed-Down Horse and Animal Bedding, with its rich 65-year tradition in innovative premium bedding, stands for quality and excellence in the equestrian world. This year, we’ve had the pleasure of attending numerous equestrian events and shows, engaging socially with our customers, and witnessing first-hand the benefits our products bring to horses and their owners.

From competition horses to retired ponies, and every equine friend in between, we’re thrilled to announce that there’s now a Bed-Down horse bedding product tailored to suit the unique needs of all horses and the requirements of their owners.

Being a family-owned business with over six decades of experience in caring for horses and poultry, Bed-Down takes pride in its commitment to innovation and sustainability. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, the result of a multi-million pound investment, are a testament to our continued dedication to producing ultimate quality horse and animal bedding.

We continue to source all our high-quality straw and softwood flakes locally, ensuring sustainability and supporting our local community. From harvesting straw to processing and producing bales at our specialist facilities, every step is meticulously executed to guarantee the highest quality.

At Bed-Down Horse and Animal Bedding, isn’t just about providing top-quality products; it’s about being a major rural employer, too. We now employ over a dozen full-time staff and as well as a number of part-time workers, contributing to the prosperity of our community.

As we reflect on the successes of the past year, we express our heartfelt thanks to our customers, partners, and the entire Bed-Down family. Here’s to a fantastic year and the promise of even greater things to come in 2024!

If you need assistance in choosing the most suitable bedding for your horse, poultry or other animals, contact us today by calling 01986 785278 or email info@bed-down.co.uk.