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Which Bedding Is Right For Your Horse?

Bed-Down bedding is designed and crafted to be as unique as your horse! So no matter what kind of horse you own we have the bale for you!

Start Dust Colic Ammonia Mould Rest Hygiene Risks to your horses health Bed-Down always take in to consideration the things that are most damaging to your horses health, and aim to use preventative methods Dust Info Dust Impedes performance, causes COPD and Asthma GO BACK Ammonia Info Ammonia Corrodes the hooves and horses respiratory systems. Can cause thrush, COPD and upper respiratory issues. GO BACK Mould Info Mould Often found on long baled straw, hugely detrimental to horses respiratory systems GO BACK Colic Info Colic Colic impactions can be caused by horses eating bedding GO BACK Rest Info Rest Horses need to have XX mins over a 24 hr period to feel fully rested. Anxiety, worry or feeling unsafe can cause them to not have a rested night. This can lead to additional health issues GO BACK Hygiene Info Hygiene Clean and hygienic stables are paramount to avoid becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and subsequently diseases spreading such as Strangles and Equine Flu. GO BACK

All of our bedding options go through a comprehensive dust extraction process called “easy breathe”, and are therefore virtually dust free. Bed-Down bedding products are suitable for all animals, not just horses, and we have a product specifically designed to cater for every eventuality.

Choosing A Bed-Down Bed

Bed-Down – Helping You Pick A Better Bale To Suit You And Your Horses Needs!

Restrictive Diet – Rapasorb, Lavender Shavings or Pure Shavings
COPD / Asthma – Excel Plus or Lavender
Arthritic – Excel or Excel Plus
High Performance – Excel Plus
Super Messy / Wet Horses – Rapasorb
Youngsters – Rapasorb
Anxious / Weaver – Lavender Shavings
Foaling Mares – Traditional or Rapasorb
Eats Bedding – Rapasorb, Lavender Shavings or Pure Shavings
Allergic To Everything – Pure Shavings
Dry/Splitting, Cracked Hooves – Lavender Shavings or Excel Plus
Thrush / White Line Disease – Excel Plus

Your Horses Choice



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Shop the collection, lots to love and less to spend. We have a fantastic range of bedding from horse shavings that smell of Lavender to our best-selling, original straw shavings mix, Excel.

Find the perfect bed for your horse

whatever your horse may need, Bed-down have you covered!

Bed-Down Excel Equine Bedding

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